Viewpoint On The Brain Disorder In Autism [top]

1.  Rubella, phenylketonuria, and more ...
2.  Vulnerable areas of the brain
3.  Prenatal exposure to alcohol
4.  Developmental language disorder
5.  Sound onset, noise, and stressed syllables
6.  Gestalt, echolalic, and metaphorical speech
7.  The inferior colliculus
8.  Toxic substances
9.  Asphyxia at birth
10. Brain abnormalities in autism
11. Brain size
12. The temporal lobes
13. Metabolic impairment
14. Brainstem nuclei of high metabolic rate
15. Deficits of awareness in laboratory animals
16. Evolution of the auditory system
17. High metabolic rate in the inferior colliculus
18. Vulnerability of the inferior colliculus

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