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Conrad Simon Memorial Research Initiative
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    Review of Research Relevant to the Brain Disorder in Autism

    Where is the impairment in the brain, and how does it happen?

Working papers     Viewpoint on the brain disorder in autism (2003)     /     View in 2000
    Cerebral blood flow and metabolism are greatest in the auditory
    system which can become impaired in many of the medical conditions
    associated with autism.

    The earliest maturing      The brain nucleus of          A protective biofeedback
    system of the brain.         highest metabolic rate.      mechanism.

    Concepts of autism         Autism spectrum                Social responsibility
    Kraepelin, Heller,             Broader autism                   Who cares for
    Kanner, Asperger.            phenotype (BAP)                 disabled people?

    Neurology 2000/ A discussion         Links (2007)      Updates (2008-2009)
    Discussion in the journal                  Updates              Autism prevalence,
    Neurology, January 2000                  2004-2007          Obstetric error?

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