Historic Papers (published 80 or more years ago):

Barr (1889) Echolalic speech
Barr MW. Some notes on echolalia with the report of an extraordinary case. Journal of
Nervous and Mental Disease 1898; 25:20-30. Available via http://books.google.com/

Magennis (1899) A midwifery surgical clamp
Magennis E. A Midwifery surgical clamp. Lancet 1899 May 20; 153(3951): 1373.

Wright (1905) Bacterial infection (from rice) as the proposed cause of beriberi
Wright H. The Cause, Course, Prevention, and Treatment of Beriberi Public Health Pap
Rep. 1905; 31(Pt 1): 289–299. Online at:http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/picrender.

Wechsler (1912) Umbilical cord clamp
Wechsler BB. Umbilical clamp.  Am J Obstet Dis Women Child 1912; 60:85-6.

Briggs (1912) Caesarean delivery
Briggs H. Caesarean section in a case of dystocia due to coils of the cord, 28 inches
long, around the living full-term male foetus, 8lbs 2ozs in weight. Journal of Obstetrics
and Gynaecology of the British Empire 1912; 21:225-227.

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