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Working papers Viewpoint on the brain disorder in autism (2003) View in 2002

Cerebral blood flow and metabolism are greatest in the auditory system, which can become impaired in many of the medical conditions associated with autism.

and notes: The auditory system The inferior colliculus Hemoglobin & the brain

The earliest maturing system of the brain. The auditory nucleus of highest metabolic rate. A protective biofeedback mechanism.

Concepts of autism Autism spectrum disorders Social responsibility

Kraepelin, Heller, Kanner, Asperger. Broader autism phenotype (BAP)
genetic or environmental?
Who cares for disabled people?


Perinatal vs. genetic factors, auditory evoked potentials, and more.

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Conrad Simon Memorial Education Program Conrad Simon Nicole Simon
Established to promote interdisciplinary perspectives on autism. A traumatic birth.
Death from Thorazine overdose.
Conrad's mom, biochemist, and computer scientist.

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Conrad and his brothers Summaries of papers on autism by Nicole Simon. /inc/docinfo.shtml
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