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  • Autism etiologies                                                                                              >>
    Autism is associated with many etiological factors
  • Perinatal suboptimality                                                                                     >>
    Increased prevalence may be associated with perinatal interventions
  • Blood flow and glucose uptake in the brain                                                  >>
    Blood flow and metabolism are greatest in the auditory system
  • Neuropathology resulting from circulatory arrest or suffocation/asphyxia
    Damage is most severe in brainstem auditory nuclei
  • Clamping the umbilical cord immediately after birth is accepted practice
    Causing disruption of transition from placental to pulmonary respiration
  • Neuropathology caused by toxic substances
    Damage is similar to that caused by ischemic injury
  • Neuropathology caused by thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency                      >>
    Damage is similar to that caused by toxic injury
  • Erroneous idea that beriberi was caused by bacterial infection
    An example of accepted understanding that turned out to be wrong
  • The auditory system is affected in kernicterus
    Kernicterus is bilirubin staining (and damage) of subcortical nuclei
  • Bilirubin enters the brain following damage to the blood-brain barrier
    High bilirubin levels in newborns are dangerous only following ischemic injury
  • Vitamin K injection for every newborn
    Synthetic vitamin K caused kernicterus - a serious medical error
  • Antibiotics and other errors in neonatology
    Neonatal antibiotic treatment was found to cause kernicterus.
  • Maturation of the brain is impaired following perinatal brainstem injury
    Brainstem pathways promote growth of target systems in the cerebral cortex.
  • Speech comprehension is lost following injury of the inferior colliculi.    >>
    12 case reports
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Autism etiologies
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Brain maturation

Autism etiologies
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