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    Discussion of public comments by the IACC

    At the IACC meeting held Jan 19, 2010, it was announced that public comments
    will be discussed.  I hope the discussions can also include back and forth dialogue
    (conversations) to allow for clarification of misunderstandings.

    Sufficient evidence is already available that many "routine" practices in obstetric and
    neonatal medicine may be unsafe, and should be stopped:

    Children are subjected to too many treatments and interventions:

  • The worst, in my opinion, is clamping the umbilical cord immediately after
    birth.  If too much blood is left in the placenta, not enough will be available to
    initiate circulation to the lungs.  The lungs take priority and blood may be
    drained from the brain to initiate breathing.  The Apgar score may be a
    perfect 10, but the "blood-brain barrier" left impaired.

  • Then vitamin K and hepatitis B vaccine are administered, components of
    which can cross a leaky blood-brain barrier.  Most interventions are not
    dangerous to all children, but in combination can be hurtful to some.

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