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    Dr. David J.R. Hutchon

    Dr. Morley also pointed out to me the work of Dr. David Hutchon, an
    obstetrician in the UK, Memorial Hospital Darlington.  Dr. Hutchon has long
    advocated delay in clamping the umbilical cord.  At a recent meeting of the
    Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) Dr. Hutchon and
    Dr. IM Thakur described use of the "Resuscitaire" for babies with respiratory
    depression at birth.  Dr. Hutchon has given me permission to post some of
    the pictures from their presentation here, on the following pages.

    The Resuscitaire is a cart with oxygen and other equipment employed in
    resuscitation.  The Resuscitaire can be wheeled over to the delivery table so
    that the umbilical cord can be left intact during procedures that are routinely
    used to stimulate breathing.

    Following are the guidelines used for Resuscitation:

    Deliver baby onto mothers thighs
    Sterile clear polythene bag or warmed towel
    Gowned neonatal nurse and/or paediatrician
    Sterile drape over resuscitaire moved adjacent to table,
    as obstetrician steps aside
    Neonate moved onto resuscitaire
    and resuscitation commenced as normal
    Can be completed in less than 30 seconds