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  Circulation versus ventilation

    Jäykkä (1958) performed experiments that demonstrated that it is not the
    first breath that opens the lungs.  The first breath takes place only after
    the capillaries that surround the alveoli fill with blood [10].

    Jäykkä further demonstrated that inflation that takes place by filling of the  
    capillaries is uniform throughout the lungs.  In Jäykkä's experiments,
    external ventilation with air produced patchy uneven inflation, and mainly
    in the lobes closest to the airways.

    Now, more than 50 years later, resuscitation is performed after clamping
    the umbilical cord by external ventilation, and according to increasingly
    complicated theories of how to stimulate the first breath, and with
    increasingly complicated technological devices [11, 12]

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