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Secher and Karlberg (1962) adopted a
method similar to that of Landau et al.
(1950).  They provided postnatal
placental transfusion to infants born by
emergency Cesarean section by
removing  the placenta with the baby
without cutting the cord and placing the
placenta in a funnel hung above the baby
as shown here in the picture from their

Secher and Karlberg noted, as had
Landau et al.:

  "Late clamping of the cord has been
   an accepted rule in normal deliveries"
   [7, p1203].

Thus into the 1960s it was recognized
that placental circulation normally
continues after birth, and should not be
abruptly terminated by use of a clamp on
the umbilical cord.
7. Secher O, Karlberg P. Placental blood-
  transfusion: For Newborns delivered
  by Cæsarean section. Lancet 1962
  Jun 9; 279(7241):1203-1205.
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