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      Discussion points

    I would like to hear the following points discussed:

     1.  Autism has many causes.
                   (See table 1 and autism etiologies references)
     2.  Autism's diverse causes must all affect a "final common pathway" in the brain.
    This may be the auditory system
     3.  Developmental language disorder is the core handicap of children with autism.
     4.  Causative factors must be sought in the pre- peri- and neonatal period.
     5.  Some known causes of perinatal injury:
    (a) Prenatal exposure to alcohol and depakote (anti-seizure) medication.
    (b) Ischemic (hypoxic) brain injury at birth.
    (c) neonatal administration of synthetic vitamin K (from 1945 to 1961).
     6.  Some cases of autism are associated with hypoxic-ischemic injury at birth.
    (See perinatal suboptimality references)
     7.  Ischemic brain injury at birth has short- and long-term effects:
    (a) Initial injury:  Bilaterally symmetric lesions in the brainstem, especially in
             the inferior colliculi of the midbrain auditory pathway (See table 2)
    (b) Long-term disruption of brain maturation.
    (See table 3)
     8. Speech comprehension is lost following injury of the inferior colliculi.
    (See reference 70-80)
     9  Umbilical cord clamping may explain the increased prevalence of autism.
    10. Umbilical cord clamping can disrupt natural transition from fetal to neonatal
           respiration, and lead to ischemic impairment of the brain.
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