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    IACC and the obstetric and pediatric professions

    A primary function of the IACC should be to investigate and become engaged in
    dialogue with members of professions that set standards of care for pregnant
    women, childbirth, and newborn infants.

    Dialogue with family members concerned over lifelong care needs for people
    afflicted with autism is much appreciated.  Opinions of the "lay public" have too
    often been disregarded.

    Please note the following practices that had to be stopped in the past:

    (a) The obstetric profession had to change care for women with threatened
    miscarriage following discovery that cancer and infertility occurred in both
    female and male children of women treated with diethylstilbestrol (DES).

    (b) The pediatric profession had to stop the long accepted practice (from 1945 to
    1961) of giving all newborn babies synthetic vitamin K.

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